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Jason E. Fort, Independent Author of thrillers and publisher of Fortress Books, Bradd Parton, Author, Illustrator: "L,M,N,...oh!" and "I Am Not A Cat Person," Richard Lutman, Author: "Patch of Dirt."

A fairly typical book signing waiting for the customers that never came, this one at Fiction Addiction, Greenville, SC. The signing event at Fiction Addiction is an annual event and is well known and well publicized.

This was the last of my two book signings in two weeks at two upstate bookstores with zero copies sold. Whether it was book fairs, bookstores or other events Jason and Bradd, had similar experiences selling their books throughout the upstate area as I did in Myrtle Beach.

Jason is the author of four thrillers and publisher of Fortress Books. Bradd writes and illustrates hidden alphabet books for children. He has self published two of his books so far.

There are 15 indie book sellers in South Carolina (www.NewPages.com). After checking them online I eliminated three. I contacted the remaining bookstore via email or by phone. Even after follow up calls, only two responded to sponsoring an author's event. I made the contacts before the marketing of "Patch of Dirt" was changed from a "Western Noir" to a "Big Sky Romance." Would that have made any difference, I don't know.

All of us agreed that it can be expensive to get promotional coverage. Jason indicated that when his first book came out he sold about 35 copies through his web site. Then not much after that. So far I've sold eleven, put five on consignment and sent out one copy for a review.

I look upon each venue and book promotion as a crap shoot and something that has to be done. There is always that chance I will hit the jackpot, which is why I will keep going to book fairs, libraries, book signings and whatever other event I can find. I know what I've written is good and want to get it read.

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