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"Patch of Dirt:" "Author's Table"

Sunday, Oct. 23 2:30 PM - "Author's Table" presents Richard Lutman and his gritty Western, Patch of Dirt, at the Waccamaw Library. Patch of Dirt is a big sky romance, set in the wilds of Montana. Attendees will enjoy readings from the novel and a book signing. Based on the author's first-hand, youthful labors on a "Big Sky Country" ranch, this fictional account features scenes both detailed and believable. "The backdrops of the beautiful, desolate landscapes of a cold backwoods American West," the Red City Review noted recently, "successfully infuse the narrative with a brooding, brutal, and melancholy atmosphere." In addition to working on a rural Montana ranch, author Richard Lutman has also been a TV news photographer, a filmmaker, and a cab driver in the urban badlands and concrete canyons of Manhattan, New York. He has, apart from "Patch of Dirt," published over two dozen short stories, three chapbooks, two novellas, and one nonfiction book. Free!

The book signing will be followed by the movie "Lonely Are The Brave" starring Kirk Douglas at 3:30.

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