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"Patch of Dirt:" 36 Dramatic Situations and 7 Basic Plots

February 13, 2017

The 36 Dramatic Situations

Each situation is stated; followed by the necessary elements for each situation.

1.    Supplication 
o          a Persecutor; a Supplicant; a Power in authority, whose decision is doubtful.
2.    Deliverance 
o          an Unfortunate; a Threatener; a Rescuer
3.    Crime pursued by vengeance 
o          a Criminal; an Avenger
4.    Vengeance taken for kin upon kin 
o          Guilty Kinsman; an Avenging Kinsman; remembrance of the Victim, a relative of                 both
5.    Pursuit 
o          Punishment; a Fugitive
6.    Disaster 
o          a Vanquished Power; a Victorious Enemy or a Messenger
7.    Falling prey to cruelty/misfortune 
o          an Unfortunate; a Master or a Misfortune
8.    Revolt 
o         a Tyrant; a Conspirator
9.    Daring enterprise 
o         a Bold Leader; an Object; an Adversary
10.    Abduction 
o         an Abductor; the Abducted; a Guardian
11.    The enigma 
o         a Problem; an Interrogator; a Seeker
12.    Obtaining 
o         (a Solicitor & an Adversary who is refusing) or (an Arbitrator & Opposing Parties)
13.    Enmity of kin 
o         a Malevolent Kinsman; a Hated or a reciprocally-hating Kinsman
14.    Rivalry of kin 
o         the Preferred Kinsman; the Rejected Kinsman; the Object of Rivalry
15.    Murderous adultery 
o         two Adulterers; a Betrayed Spouse
16.    Madness 
o         a Madman; a Victim
17.    Fatal imprudence 
o         the Imprudent; a Victim or an Object Lost
18.    Involuntary crimes of love 
o         a Lover; a Beloved; a Revealer
19.    Slaying of kin unrecognized 
o         the Slayer; an Unrecognized Victim
20.    Self-sacrifice for an ideal 
o         a Hero; an Ideal; a Creditor or a Person/Thing sacrificed
21.    Self-sacrifice for kin 
o         a Hero; a Kinsman; a Creditor or a Person/Thing sacrificed
22.    All sacrificed for passion 
o         a Lover; an Object of fatal Passion; the Person/Thing sacrificed
23.    Necessity of sacrificing loved ones 
o         a Hero; a Beloved Victim; the Necessity for the Sacrifice
24.    Rivalry of superior vs. inferior 
o         a Superior Rival; an Inferior Rival; the Object of Rivalry
25.    Adultery 
o         two Adulterers; a Deceived Spouse
26.    Crimes of love 
o         a Lover; the Beloved
27.    Discovery of the dishonor of a loved one 
o         a Discoverer; the Guilty One
28.    Obstacles to love 
o         two Lovers; an Obstacle
29.    An enemy loved 
o         a Lover; the Beloved Enemy; the Hater
30.    Ambition 
o         an Ambitious Person; a Thing Coveted; an Adversary
31.    Conflict with a god 
o         a Mortal; an Immortal
32.    Mistaken jealousy 
o         a Jealous One; an Object of whose Possession He is Jealous; a Supposed Accomplice;            a Cause or an Author of the Mistake
33.    Erroneous judgement 
o         a Mistaken One; a Victim of the Mistake; a Cause or Author of the Mistake; the                   Guilty One
34.    Remorse 
o         a Culprit; a Victim or the Sin; an Interrogator
35.    Recovery of a lost one 
o         a Seeker; the One Found
36.    Loss of loved ones 
o         a Kinsman Slain; a Kinsman Spectator; an Executioner



The Seven Basic Plots are the basics of plot-writing.
Overcoming the Monster.
Rags to Riches.
The Quest.
Voyage and Return.




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