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                                               Interview Questions from Top Wire: All About Authors

TW: What is your writing process? 
Even though I don’t write every day, I’m always thinking about pieces I’m working on or will work on. I also have a box full of pieces that need revision or are partially completed. I try not write on Sundays. I’m most productive from fall to early spring. I don’t like the heat.
TW: How difficult was it to write your story?
I’ve rarely had difficulties writing short stories. I struggled to get to 67,000 words with my first novel. My dogoir was about 20K and a lot of fun to write. The same way with my Hong Kong and Humorous novella. The difficulty I had with my collection was to find the unifying theme for the 14 stories. 
TW: What are your hopes for this project?
I’d like to sell at least 500 copies of my collection. 
TW: Do have plans of writing more books?
Yes. I have a 60K plus mature adult novel that I’ve set aside for now. I have to figure out how to make the characters easier to like. Currently I’m working on a romantic thriller and enjoying it. And I’m not going to worry about the length.
TW: What is your favorite genre of books and do you plan on venturing in those areas?
I like surrealism and books that are full of wonderful characters and burst with exciting description. My favorite short story in the collection is surreal piece I wrote years ago. It still excites me.

TW: What do you want readers to know about you?
Perhaps there are hints as to who I am in my stories and longer pieces. I don’t like to be typecast as a certain type of genre writer.  
TW: Do you have a favorite author or book?
Yes. Scott Momaday’s masterpiece House Made of Dawn. 
TW: What does literary success look like to you?
Finding an agent.
TW: What is the most difficult part of your artistic process?
If I’ve had a bad day I have to force myself to write.
TW: How has this book changed your life?
For years I taught classes in short fiction, but never felt quite right because I didn’t have a collection. Now I feel as though I finally have credibilty.  
TW: What advice do you have for an aspiring writer?
Don’t ever quit and be prepared for rejection. 
TW: Do you have any future events or updates we should know about?
None at the moment.



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