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Iron Butterfly 


At 52, Wilson, a butterfly hunter, is feeling the weight of a past rich in errors and false starts.  He returns to Centipede Island to continue his field work and help fight a plan to turn the City's Centipede island into a landfill, but is obsessed with Gloria, a Chinese girl with a patch on one eye. With the summer coming to an end, he knows he must confront his obsession and maybe save his own life....

The Holy Terriers



This is a book about Winston, Abigail, and Oliver, three elderly terriers who never acted as expected or fit the profile of the their breed. Hot air balloons, musical chairs, and horseshoe crabs were some of the adventures The Holy Terriers and I experienced when they came into my life aged eleven, nine and eight.  



I Like A Little Bit Of The Handsome Americans Myself
With colorful characters including Cutbank, Arnold Porkwinder, Shepherd Windust, Rx Magnum, Mr. Watanabe, and Darlene Darlene, this is a rich with dialogue story that takes the reader on a wild and crazy journey through a variety of relationships and interactions. A joy ride of Seinfeldish proporations including a worm salesman, auto theft, a female singer with Norm Crosby's vocabulary who eventually becomes a damsel in distress. 
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