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"Patch of Dirt," Radio Interviews

With Valentine's Day approaching why would a reader want to read my novel versus the typical western romance novel? This is the question I'll be addressing in the have five radio interviews scheduled in the next two weeks.

A romance novel has a central love story and an emotionally satisfying optimistic ending.

In the standard Western pulp romance novel characters fall in love or begin a romantic relationship (we knew it was romance) and features the cowboy hero with good manners, humor, sexy in jeans, honest, loyal, protective, rough and tumble with heart of prince charming In short, the ideal male.

These novels have titles like: “1 Night Charmer,” “Cowboy Untamed,” and “No Limit.”

“Patch of Dirt” is different. It's the unromantic side of the romantic western—the gritty side of love and a counterpoint to the typical Western romance. It is about the unexpected love and what people will do for love. The characters in Patch are broken people yearning for compassion and a connection with others. In it are lovers who risk and struggle for each other hoping to find their relationship is rewarded.

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