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The Books and Films That Have Influenced Me The Most

I've read most of these books at least twice. The poetry collections I like to dip into.

Rabbit, Run John Updike

The Sun Also Rises Hemingway A Dream of Kings Davis Grubb

Shadow of My Brother

Farmer Jim Harrison A Good Day to Die Legends of the Fall Under the Volcano Malcolm Lowry Harbour Master William McFee House Made of Dawn Scott Momaday Walk Egypt Vinnie Williams Riders of the Purple Sage Zane Grey Summer Edith Wharton The Waves Virginia Wolfe Wind, Sand and Stars St. Exupere Day of the Locust Nathanael West Heart of Darkness Conrad


Tales of Love and Passion de Maupassant Labyrinth Borges

Strange News from Another Star Hesse One Hundred Years of Solitude Marquez At Play in the Fields of the Lord Mathessien The Stranger Sartre The Lungfish and the Padre Homer Smith Dandelion Wine Ray Bradbury Great Gatsby Fitzgerald Alexandria Quartet Durrell Dubliners Joyce Anything by Chekhov or D.H. Lawrence

Controversy of Poets Poetry of Hart Crane Gypsy Ballads Lorca Collected Poems Dylan Thomas

Film Sense Sergei Eisenstein The Yaqui Way of Knowledge Castanada

I've seen several of these films I've at least three to six times.


City Lights Chaplin

Rashomon Kurosawa

Drunken Angel Belle de Jour Bunuel Diary of a Chamber Maid Viridiana Cleo from 5-7 Varda Umberto D de Sica Bicycle Thief Red Desert Antonioni La Notte L’Avventura Beauty and the Beast Cocteau Elvira Madigan Widerberg Contempt Godard Wild Strawberries Bergman Seventh Seal Smiles of a Summer Night Last Year at Marienbad Resnais Hiroshima Mon Amour Jules and Jim Trauffaut 400 Blows La Strada Fellini Nights of Cabiria Rules of the Game Renoir Grand Illusion

Night of the Hunter Laughton

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