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"Patch of Dirt:" Character Exercise

Becoming your character--an exercise in characterization:

For the purposes of demonstration, let's say you've decided to become somebody completely different from yourself. You can begin by changing your sex. Now you can complete the change by: 1. Changing age a. childhood b. old age 2. Change your name. What is your new name? Think hard because it's going to help define you. 3. Next, imagine what you look like. Decide what you have on and how it feels wearing these things. Do you like them or not? 4. Study the limitations your age presents. 5. Now move into the FIRST person. You're listening for the tone of voice. Try to imagine what you sound like, both to yourself and a listener. Start by describing your circumstances in that particular tone of voice; remember you are limited by your age. 6. Introduce a second person. 7. Now put them at cross purposes


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