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"Patch of Dirt:" Magazine Choice and Description Form


Name of Magazine: Editor: Address:

Issue Date:


Description What subject does the magazine cover?

Readership Who are the magazine’s typical readers?

Masthead and Table of Contents Number of Articles Number of Departments and Columns Number of Stories Total Number of Pages

Do the articles and stories have bylines? All or only some of them?

How many pieces seem to have been staff written? How many by freelancers?

Articles Titles and subjects of two articles that catch your eye

Stories Select at least one story and read it with the following in mind:

Title Does the story attract your attention? How?

Does the story hold you interest at the end? Why?

What types of people are the characters and how do they solve their problems?

Potential Market Does the magazine match your interests and ideas? How?

Is this magazine a potential market for you? Why?

Other observations?


Name of Magazine Submit to:



Description Category of Magazine Readership profile

Percentage of articles and stories written by freelancers Types of fiction or nonfiction accepted

Average word lengths Fiction Nonfiction

Submission Requirements Fiction Nonfiction Send complete manuscript yes no yes no Query first yes no yes no Query with synopsis or outline yes no yes no


Rationale for Submitting to This Magazine

Based on Analyzing issue(s) yes no Reading author’s guidelines yes no Rank in best of magazine markets yes no

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